Ubiquiti EdgeOS Find MAC Address

On a core layer switch I wanted to learn what port was connected to an access layer switch. This would enable me to add the missing documentation of the network topology.

First find the MAC address of the access layer switch. We’ll search for this value in the IP stack’s ARP table. To do this, jump into Unifi and select your access layer switch. From the Properties window, select the Configuration tab, then expand Debug Terminal. Click Open Terminal and when the terminal opens run the info command from the BusyBox CLI. This will reveal a  few details about the switch, including the MAC address of the management interface.

With the MAC address in hand we will search for it from the Edgeswitch CLI.

(UBNT EdgeSwitch) #show mac-addr-table 04:18:d6:f0:d2:34

VLAN ID  MAC Address         Interface              IfIndex  Status
-------  ------------------  ---------------------  -------  ------------
1        04:18:D6:F0:D2:34   0/8                    8        Learned

(UBNT EdgeSwitch) #

On the other hand, you can find the MAC address of a device on the other end of a link by specifying an interface instead.

(UBNT EdgeSwitch) #show mac-addr-table interface 0/16
   MAC Address      VLAN ID      Status

-----------------  ---------  ------------
D4:F4:BE:1F:99:11     1        Learned

(UBNT EdgeSwitch) #

more to come….